Solution for your business

Landing Pages

Simple website designet to present your business on the internet

Logo Design

Graphic Identyfication of your brand in a unique graphic form

Facebook Design

Unique design elements for your Facebook page.


More advanced websites based on WordPress, HTML, Elementor etc.

Graphic Design

Infographics, Business Cards, Flayers, Banners, Rol Ups etc.

Video post-production

Video Clips, Animated banners for Facebook, Video Ads etc.


Platforms providing sales functions cooperating with Woocomerce etc.


We print for you high quality business cards, flayers etc.

Photo Products

Photo Albums, Photo Books, Wall Decors, Photo Prints etc.

We are here to connect you

In Square Media Wexford we work to help you develop and support your business with our professional branding. We provide a range of services that will enhance your company’s image such as Logo, Graphics ,infographics and videos. We also provide the service to connect your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and email campaign into one unified working body that will increase efficiency and take your online presence to the next level.


Branding is an essential part of any successful business. Each time your client/customer comes in contact with your brand they build a subconscious association with your company.

In today’s marketplace it is extremely important to develop a positive image and stand out from your competition. Your name ,logo, advertising slogan and social media are the foundations of good branding

Social Media

In Square Media Wexford we help curate your social media to not only look professional but also to appeal to your target audience. In today’s competitive markets it is important to stand out and showcase the best your business has to offer. This all starts with how your customer interacts with you online. We can design photos and videos to fit your profile, cover, and timelines across multiple social media platforms. We will also connect your e-commerce shop to your Facebook and Instagram profile. This will create a user friendly and trustworthy feel to your online presence. Having this connection between your online shop and your social media can also act as a funnel for potential sales.


In Square Media Wexford we specialize in the development of Instagram content for businesses. Instagram is the most popular social media platform and is an extremely powerful marketing tool if optimised correctly.
Professional and eye catching content will improve sales and also helps with the acquisition of new customers


Are you looking for ways to increase your Facebook page engagement? Want your audience to pay more attention to what you are sharing on your business page? Or just want to find more ways to make your brand resonate more with the audience on Facebook? Many people don’t realize it, but design plays a critical role.

Animation and video - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

If you prefer to use video to promote your business ,we can provide graphics, intro/outro sequences, and animated logos.

These services can be made to fully support your YouTube channel (as well as your Facebook and IGTV feed)

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