Dibond Metal Print

A strong, bold, popping medium, our Dibond Metal Prints provide you with a product that will certainly catch glances and last for generations. 

Both a modern and extremely-resistant material, our Dibond Metal Prints are cutting-edge metal displays printed on raw, horizontally-brushed aluminium Dibond adhered to a black, 6 mm MDF backboard with 8mm MDF wall mounts attached.   

Metal prints are a highly sought after product and our Dibond Metal Prints make for the ideal offer. Suitable for any genre of photography, and, thanks to its weather-resistant properties, these prints can be displayed anywhere in a home.


Sizes are provided in both inches and millimeters below. Currently our Dibond Metal Prints are available in the following formats:

20x20 cm/8x8"

21x30 cm/8,5x12"

30x21 cm/12x8,5"

30x30 cm/12x12"

30x42 cm/12x16,5"

42x30 cm/16,5x12"

50x70 cm/20x28"

70x50 cm/28x20"


1. Aluminium Dibond – a composite material that consists of two sheets of aluminium sandwiching a flexible black polyethylene core so you can be sure your products will have both stability and durability. 

2. MDF wood backboard


Colour Correction



Looking for stunning metal prints? Look no further than our Dibond Metal Prints. These eye-catching display pieces are cutting-edge metal displays. Adding a modern look and feel to the wall art family, these prints bring durability and longevity unrivalled among print products.

Moreover, the brushed aluminium medium leaves your photographic work with a stylish finish and near indestructible resiliency. These alu-dibond prints are the ideal choice, then, for those unusual places your clients might want a wall-decor photo print. Grab yourself one of our Dibond Metal Prints and see for yourself the power and allure of metal print pictures.

The Dibond Metal Print is attached to a 6 mm black backboard for a more luxurious look. This product comes ready to hang out of the box and also includes a microfiber cloth for easy self-care. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.

TIP: Note that the colour white will appear silver (non-printed, brushed Dibond) on Dibond products. Please keep this in mind when selecting images for this product.



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