Framed Dibond Metal Print

Framed for that finishing touch. Level-up your Dibond Metal Prints with our Framed Dibond Metal Prints to add that extra detail and sense of style and sophistication to your product offer.

Our Dibond Metal Prints utilize a UV printing format directly applying your images to a horizontally brushed aluminium plate. This produces a marvellous glossy and textured finish for a true artistic display. The product is then finished with a durable, black aluminium frame.

Inherently, Dibond prints are extremely resistant and durable, making this product suitable for any display location.


Sizes are provided in both inches and millimeters below. Currently our Dibond Metal Prints are available in the following formats:

20x20 cm/8x8"

21x30 cm/8,5x12"

30x21 cm/12x8,5"

30x30 cm/12x12"

30x42 cm/12x16,5"

42x30 cm/16,5x12"

50x70 cm/20x28"

70x50 cm/28x20"


1. Aluminium Dibond – a composite material that consists of two sheets of aluminium sandwiching a flexible black polyethylene core so you can be sure your products will have both stability and durability.

2. Black Aluminium Frame


Colour Correction



Something about frames, though a small detail they seem to accentuate photos in such a subtle, yet profound way. When housing our Dibond Metal Prints this is no exception. That’s what makes our framed Di-bond prints so attractive: an added sense of elegance and sophistication the frame provides. Even more, the frames are not only stylish but durable as they are made out of aluminium and available in a sleek, modern black.

Remember, due to the nature of our products, our Dibond metal print product line and wall-decor are extremely weather-resistant and durable. In fact, these 100% recyclable metal prints even possess non-corrosive properties. This makes them the best print product choice for spaces exposed to less than ideal settings.

Adding a frame and a back panel to these aluminium prints only increase the practicality, versatility, and durability of these chic and trendy wall-decoration photo products.

This product comes ready to hang right out of the box and also includes a microfiber cloth for quick self-care and maintenance. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.

TIP: Note that the colour white will appear silver (non-printed, brushed Dibond) on Dibond products. Please keep this in mind when selecting images for this product.


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