Lite Albums

The perfect professional print product for those shorter, yet meaningful occasions, mini-sessions, and/or those on a budget.

Our Lite Album offers the same high-end elegance, quality, and lay flat spreads as our full albums, but scaled back to a handy and practical 20×20 cm (8×8”), 5-spread option.

Thick 800 gsm spreads come available in our most-popular Fuji Silk paper finish – as seen in our full albums. Exclusively bound in pearl-like textile, the hardcover can be designed 100% by you.

Truly, the most efficient product you’ll find, our Lite Albums are sure to take your business to the next level.


Our Photo Albums are available in the following formats (collection dependent):

20x20 cm/8x8"


Looking for a perfect printed product to include in your packages? Discover our luxury Photo Albums with thick panoramic spreads, lay-flat DreamBooks 4k printed on Canon DreamLabo 5000 and Photo Books Pro with fine art papers. You can personalise them the way you want.

Album Box
Photo Book Pro
Dreambook 4k
Wooden Box


Exclusively bound in pearl-like textile, the hardcover can be designed 100% by you.

Padded Cover

Colour Correction

Paper Type


Our Lite Album is the perfect addition to your packages, especially if you do a lot of mini sessions. This 20×20 cm (8×8’’) product with 5 thick, double-page spreads printed on Fuji Silk paper is easy to design with our free Online Designer; conveniently accessed from the cart. To start designing simply register or login to your account and pick your desired product.

The Lite Album has no inside cover like our Photo Albums, Photo Book Pros, and DreamBook 4Ks. In this product, you go from the cover straight to your images.

Our Lite Album is designed with you, the professional photographer in mind. Newborn photographers, especially, will love this simple, yet sophisticated product that fits perfectly with a small number of images from their newborn sessions.

No matter if you are doing Spring and Christmas mini sessions, or Cake Smash photo sessions you do not need to compromise. Don’t let your beautiful photos end up in a drawer and offer your customers an affordable product that will both impress them and help you make extra money as a professional photographer. What you do is important; it makes a difference, and nPhoto is here to help you.

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