Photo Book Basic

Don’t let the name fool you, our Photo Book Basic is a story book that maintains a high level of quality and integrity.

Printed on the HP Indigo this ‘Basic’ photo book delivers an impressive 1600 DPI high-detail resolution with its prints and fits anywhere from 28 to 160 pages. It can be fully personalised by designing the entire hardcover.

This cost-effective Photo Book is the perfect photo book for schools, school photography, senior portrait compilations, or even just to offer as a complimentary gift or upsell item. Combine with digital options to really complete the package.


Our Photo Albums are available in the following formats (collection dependent):

20x20 cm/8x8"

20x30 cm/8x12"

30x20 cm/12x8"

30x30 cm/12x12"


Choose from over 80 Textile, Leatherette or Velvet/Suede material options, and over a dozen design additions to create a truly custom and unique photo album for every client.

Padded Cover


Paper Type

Colour Correction


Not so basic anymore. Our Photo Book Basic is the ideal product when looking for a coffee table book, proof book, portfolio book, or a book for your own marketing purposes. It’s also a great product when you deliver books in bulk quantities, for example for school photography. This high-quality, digital press printed book is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to our high-end photo books. 

In addition, when using our free Online Designer you have an option of choosing one of close to 50 pre-prepared templates. An excellent detail if you want to implement elements of storytelling into your book. If you rely on your own creativity, you can also create a design from scratch.

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