USB Case

In professional photography, even the smallest of details can make the biggest impression. Even if you decide to offer a digital option be sure to make it unique and personalised.

For this, we have a USB Cover Case option. Not only protect your client’s memory stick but impress them with a stylish and customised case.

Available in two collections with endless design possibilities you will never have to worry about not being able to satisfy your client’s needs.

You can also order a USB Case without the USB stick.


Creative 100%


Choose from over 80 Textile, Leatherette or Velvet/Suede material options, and over a dozen design additions to create a truly custom and unique photo album for every client.

Colour Correction

Cut-Out Window

UV Print

Laser Etching

Embossed Text



USB stick in different storage size fitted into the handmade case. The cover is available in different textile and leatherette colours with the option of adding cameo windows. Two cut-out windows available. You can also go for a plain cover and personalise it with UV print, Laser etch or classic embossed text (Exclusive collection).

We also offer a printed cover. In the Creative 100 % collection, you have the possibility of adding a photo and/or text over the whole cover. It is literally 100% up to you.

In both collections, you can finish the inside cover with a photo and choose USB engraving to make it more personal for your clients.

Different USB capacities are available. You can also order a USB Case without the USB stick.


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