USB Memory Box

Secure your digital data with our USB Memory Box that combines the newest technology with time-honoured precision craftsmanship.

Now you can store your files using a SanDisk USB 3.0 version, which is about ten times faster than the previous USB 2.0 standard.

Our USBs are available in 4 different sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. That kind of capacity gives you the opportunity to store not only photos, but also videos in 4K resolution.

The size of the box is 10×10 cm (4×4”).


This handcrafted box is a perfect product if you offer digital files for your customers. Select from over 80 materials from Textile, Leatherettes, or Velvets/Suedes to personalise your box with your logo or add your couple’s names on the cover. The choice is yours.

USB Drive

Laser Etching

UV Print


USB Memory Box lets you combine the newest technology with a handcrafted product to store your digital files in a beautiful and durable way. You can choose from different USB capacities. The biggest capacity available for this USB box will store videos in 4k resolution. Select from 70+ cover colours either in textile, velvet, suede textile, or eco-leather finish and personalise your USB box with your logo to make it a signature product for your photography brand or with your couples names and special dates. Choose this luxury USB stick box, if you are looking for a proper presentation of your digital files. Our USB storage box will be a perfect addition to other print products you deliver to your clients: Photo Albums, Photo Books and more.

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